We are a not for profit research center undertaking the world’s FIRST global sex study in order to better understand human sexual desire.


How many people share your desires and where are they? These are questions we all ask, and what this study aims to determine.


This confidential research, being undertaken with the support of Cambridge University, is the first of it’s kind to try to understand human sexual desire on a global level.


Do your part by signing up below and helping this global initiative with your confidential participation. Share it with your friends and invite them to join too. Only together can we understand the important questions surrounding human sexual desire!

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Help Humanity Understand Sexual Desire In The 21st Century!

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The World’s Next Big Sexual Research Team

Wolfgang Blair, MBA, C.S. (Sexology)

Stephanie Jackson, D.H.S.(Human Sexuality)

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We are looking for candidates who would like to participate in researching human sexual behavior on a global scale. If you or someone you know may be interested in participating in this groundbreaking, first of it’s kind research into human sexual behavior please click the button below to take our confidential test.

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